Hi! I’m Adam Lorton

I help executives and their teams combine the power of AI with the principles of Deep Work to

  • Get unstuck
  • Move faster
  • Deliver excellent experiences for customers

Free Resources

AI Chat Cheat Sheet: Printable, one-page reference to help you write better prompts → get smarter answers

AI Return on Investment: Customizable calculator to help you estimate how much value AI can add for your team.

AI + Deep Work Library: Open source library of my best prompts and GPTs for AI-assisted work.


Paid Products + Services

[Individual] One-off AI Coaching Call: Get unstuck! Solve a problem or address an opportunity with AI assistance

[Individual] Private Coaching: A confidential coaching program to help executives use AI assistance to get calm and organized while accomplishing more than ever

[Team] AI Accelerator Program: An interactive workshop series for teams. Accelerate your team’s AI adoption journey and start reaping the benefits of AI more fully

Kind words from past clients

My training with Adam was truly eye-opening, and it completely changed my perspective on using AI in my field!

It taught me how to optimize AI for both daily tasks and big-picture planning, which is simply mind-blowing.

What I found most remarkable was the emphasis on harnessing the power of AI while still maximizing our uniquely human resources like focus, judgment, and taste. It’s a creative and groundbreaking approach that has given me a whole new outlook.

If you’re looking to go beyond the basics and truly transform your use of AI, I can’t recommend this training enough.

Caroline Thomas

Founder, Head & Heart Therapeutic Solutions

Adam’s training did not disappoint.

We had a basic understanding of ChatGPT going into it and had even done some small projects with the tool. One of his comments really resonated with me. “The longer you stay in the ring with ChatGPT and provide it information and ask questions, the better the output will be”. He stressed that “deep work” and focus with the tool will only enhance / improve results.

If anyone out there is either curious about AI and how it can improve their work output, or has a basic knowledge of AI but wants to learn from someone who has gone “deep” with ChatGPT, check out Adam’s courses.

Dave Colliver

Founder, Colliver Technology Group, CTG Insights

Adam made a complex topic understandable and engaging.

Our training session was remarkably accessible, thanks to his use of clear, non-technical language. We especially appreciated how Adam’s encouragement of participation fostered a dynamic learning environment.

One highlight was seeing ChatGPT compare a candidate’s CV to a job specification and immediately highlight areas of possible mismatch that could be explored in an interview. This was a highly-relatable example that showcased the power of AI in a context we were all-too-familiar with.

Douglas Board

Founder, Maslow's Attic

As a healthcare executive in value-based care, I appreciated the focus on how AI can help improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. I also found the discussion of operational examples, such as email thread management, to be particularly helpful.

Overall, I highly recommend this training to anyone who is interested in learning more about how AI can be applied in healthcare.

Beth Oberhaus

Director of Population Health, Northern Michigan Care Partners

A really useful session!

Adam got into the details and taught us how to phrase our prompts to get the best from ChatGPT.

I was a novice to using AI tools and this helped me get off on the right foot.

Kirsten Brooks

Head of Operations, Saxton Bampfylde

The training provided me with a whole new perspective on how to leverage chatbot capabilities to enhance my workflow.

I went into the session thinking it would be mostly technical tips and minor tweaks to improve chatbot outputs, to improve the “first drafts” that they are commonly used for. However, what I encountered was a paradigm shift in how to most effectively utilize a chatbot as a thought-partner and a productivity booster. It was refreshing to see deeper uses for AI.

I highly recommend this training.


Public Health Researcher, [Company Name Withheld]

I would highly recommend Adam’s training to any professional looking to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field. Overall, it was an excellent investment of my time and a valuable addition to my professional development.


IT Specialist, [Company Name Withheld]

Adam’s expertise was evident as he guided us through the course material with professionalism and enthusiasm. The interactive format made learning engaging and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Adam’s training to anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of this rapidly evolving field. It’s an investment that will undoubtedly pay off.


Data Analyst, [Company Name Withheld]