Capture More VBR

Is your PO leaving more than $500,000 / year on the table in value-based reimbursement?

Are you buried in reports from your payer “partners”, giving you hundreds of things you could potentially focus on? Have you tried to sit back and do a proper analysis, only to leave it unfinished because it was too hard to get right?


Imagine having your leadership, your clinicians, and your support staff all focused on your #1 leverage point.

Imagine seeing a flood of new reports come in, and feeling comfortable ignoring them because you’ve already reviewed the one report you care about.

Imagine going into a meeting, knowing everyone is ready to talk about the one thing that will move the needle.

Imagine going to your Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors, and showing them exactly how much more revenue you’ve captured this year.


I can help you Capture More VBR.

You already know there’s no quick fix, no magic bullet that will earn more value-based reimbursement. So what should you do?

You need to:

  • Find your leverage point, and commit to focusing on it
  • Sell your vision: get everyone on the same page with what you’re doing and why
  • Stay the course and measure your progress

Capture More VBR is all about finding your leverage point.

You’ll send me the reports and methodology documents you keep meaning to digest, but never get around to. I’ll read the rules, make a data model, and summarize the data model into the one thing I recommend focusing on.

You’ll get a report you can share all around your network. The report will show what theme to focus on, the methodology that got us there, and what specifically to do first.


Ready to get started?

Are you ready to stop pretending “everything is a priority” and start focusing on the one thing that will move the needle? Great! Apply now for a Capture More VBR session. The price is $3,500, a small fraction of the opportunity in front of you if you can get your network aligned around your leverage point.

Applying takes less than 5 minutes. You’ll answer three questions and then book a call with me. No charge for the call. After the call, you can decide whether Capture More VBR is right for you.

I’m Adam Lorton

I’m a management consultant focused on helping healthcare executives solve expensive data problems.

I’m not trying to sell you another software license. I want to help you execute the fundamentals: find your leverage point, sell your strategy to your network, and stay focused on what’s most important.If that sounds like what you’re looking for, scroll up!