I have a guideline for selecting consulting projects: No Hospitals.

For one thing, hospitals need my help less because they tend to have a more mature data strategy than POs. For another thing, I think all the interesting action is in the ambulatory world.

So when I heard about Lisa Miller, who spends all day helping hospitals reduce costs, I wasn’t sure if we’d have anything to talk about.

I’m pleased to report: I was wrong.

Lisa and I had a great conversation on the Analytical IQ podcast, and I got a chance to learn from her 20+ years of experience.

From the episode:

  • Making the transition from sales to cost accounting
  • How to keep people engaged in the expense review process
  • The ‘future innovation team’ and how it’s different from a long range planning or value-based transformation function
  • How to create incentives that actually motivate people to participate in waste reduction

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