Find Your Leverage Point

The free email course that helps POs, PHOs, and PHSOs identify the ONE thing to focus on

Are you stuck reacting to what your payers throw at you?

  • Do you feel buried in reports and spreadsheets from your payer “partners”, none of which answers the real questions you’re asking?
  • Do you feel like your payers are always proposing new contracts or incentive schemes just when you’d started to figure out the old ones?
  • Do you have a hard time articulating your risk strategy to your Senior Leadership Team and Board (much less getting your network of providers aligned to that strategy)?

Imagine getting your entire network focused on the one thing that moves the needle

  • Imagine getting a stack of reports from your payers and archiving them all, because you already reviewed the one report that matters.
  • Imagine getting a new contract proposal, and already having an analytical framework to show how it fits together with the rest of your contract portfolio.
  • Imagine addressing your Senior Leadership Team and Board with confidence, showing them what your PO needs to focus, in language they can understand.

Find Your Leverage Point will show you the way

In this free, five-lesson email course, you’ll get a walkthrough of the methodology I use to help provider organizations find their #1 leverage point. You’ll translate your overly-complicated contracts into high-level themes anyone can understand. You’ll end up with a narrative you can take to your Senior Leadership Team and Board, complete with a big dollar figure to get their attention.

I’ll show you:

  • Why you HAVE to find your leverage point in healthcare today
  • How to inventory your contracts
  • How to inventory your incentive measures, assign them a dollar value, and organize them into themes
  • How to estimate the total dollar opportunity of focusing on one theme
  • How to go forward BOLDLY and turn your analysis into a strategy

The first lesson of Find Your Leverage Point is waiting for you. Just let me know where to send it.

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I’m Adam Lorton

I’m a healthcare data consultant, focused on helping POs and PHOs succeed in risk-based contracts.

If you want to re-invigorate your population health strategy, the first step is to take an honest look at where you are. Find Your Leverage Point will help you do that. If that sounds like what you need, scroll up!