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Get more top candidates to apply
to your analyst or data scientist position

Are you tired of posting a position and praying you’ll get a single good candidate?

When you think about hiring your next analyst or data scientist… Are you sick of reading uninspired cover letters from uninspiring candidates? Does the thought of sifting through a sad stack of job applications fill you with dread?


Imagine qualified candidates lining up to work for you

Imagine posting your next position confident you’ll get multiple highly-qualified candidates begging for an interview. Imagine reading intelligent, articulate cover letters from talented people who are genuinely excited about the opportunity to work with you.

Start with the job description!

Do you know how many job descriptions don’t actually tell the candidate what the role is actually about? Why would a talented person be excited to apply for a position when they have no idea what they’re applying for?

Top candidates will walk away unless you show them why they should be excited about the position you’re offering. If you’re not treating this like a sales situation, you are missing a big opportunity to recruit top talent.

Download my healthcare job description templates and start getting better candidates today.

These templates are engineered to attract high-quality candidates and get them to submit an application.

You’ll get:

  • Clinical quality analyst fill-in-the-blank job description template
  • Clinical quality analyst ready-to-post example
  • Financial analyst fill-in-the-blank job description template
  • Financial analyst ready-to-post example
  • Data scientist fill-in-the-blank job description template
  • Data scientist ready-to-post example
  • The underlying psychology behind attractive job descriptions

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I’m Adam Lorton

I’m a management consultant focused on helping healthcare executives solve expensive data problems.

Because healthcare contracts and healthcare delivery are so complex, adding analytical talent to your team can pay dividends in hundreds of ways.

And if you’ve been in healthcare for any length of time, you’ve seen the difference between an adequate analyst and a great one. Do you want to land a great analyst with your next hire? Start with the job description.