Healthcare Data
Hiring Handbook

A complete process to help you add a great analyst to your team

Hiring is the most important thing a manager does. Are you just winging it?

  • Have you ever made a bad hire that cost you 6+ months and $30,000+?
  • Have you ever been seduced by a smooth talker, only to find out they didn’t have the technical skills you were looking for?
  • Have you ever had a team member notice a red flag about a candidate, only to have that red flag ignored when it was time to make the hiring decision?


Imagine extending an offer, knowing you got the right candidate

  • Imagine your new hire taking work off your team’s plate in the first 30 days.
  • Imagine yourself in the interview, asking tough-but-fair questions that top performers answer with ease, but stump smooth talkers.
  • Imagine your team supporting your hiring decision because they felt their voices were included.


Get the Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook and get serious about your recruiting process

You can upgrade your recruiting process — start to finish — today.

  • Get more top candidates to apply with job descriptions that sell
  • Avoid painful round 1 interviews with work sample screening
  • Separate the great candidates from the adequate with rigorous behavioral interviewing
  • Get valuable input from your team with standardized feedback and debriefing

You don’t have to suffer through another preventable bad hire, and you don’t have to spend 20 hours redesigning your recruiting process. With the Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook, the work is done for you.

​Your best line of defense against a bad hire is following a rigorous process. The Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook is a solid foundation to creating a scalable process that will meet your immediate and future hiring needs.

Aaron McMaster

Data Engineering Manager, Hagerty

Are you ready to make a permanent upgrade to your recruiting?

Get the Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook today, with three options to fit any budget.


Basic Full Ultimate
The 13 traits to look for in a healthcare data professional

Rigorous behavioral interview questions designed to screen for the most important traits

Painless feedback form for interviewers

One-page crash course on conducting behavioral interviews

Editable versions of all documents

Healthcare data job descriptions that sell the opportunity

Email and phone scripts for every step of the process: initial screen, work sample, interviews, offers, and polite declines.

Checklist for evaluating candidates’ work samples

Process and agenda for the interview debrief meeting

Candidate comparison spreadsheet

Video: High quality answers to each behavioral interview question

Audio: High quality answers to each behavioral interview question
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I’m Adam Lorton

I’m a management consultant focused on helping healthcare executives solve expensive data problems.

From what I’ve seen, a great analyst can have a bigger impact on your healthcare organization than 99% of physicians.

If you want to upgrade your team with a great analyst, you’re going to need a great recruiting process. I can help with that.

You basically reverse engineered an actuarial recruiting process. Well done!

Matthew R

Actuarial Manager, (Company Name Withheld)


Why should I buy the Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook? The internet is full of advice about hiring.

When I created this product, my goal was to give you the resources I wish I’d had when I started hiring. Short and sweet, and tailored specifically to hiring healthcare data professionals. 

If you’re normally the DIY type, I’d encourage you to do the math. How much would you have to pay a team member or freelancer just to do the research to get started?


What if I’m not hiring analysts or data scientists? Does this work for hiring other types of professionals?

The behavioral interview questions and email scripts are tailored to analysts and data scientists, but the principles should apply to any hire. No matter what role you’re hiring for, I think you’ll benefit from (a) attracting more top candidates, (b) avoiding painful round 1 interviews, (c) separating the great candidates from the adequate, and (d) making sure your team’s voices are heard in the process.


How do I know if I need this?

If you want to avoid the pain and cost of a bad hire, the Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook is for you. If you’ve ever made a bad hire, you know what I’m talking about: months of frustration, poor performance, and a bill for $30,000+ to top it all off. Most bad hires are preventable, and a better process is your best line of defense. 


How long does it take to implement all this?

The materials in the Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook are designed to be used right away, no alterations needed. If you implement work sample screening (to avoid painful round 1 interviews) you’ll probably save more time than you spend. 

That said, great hiring processes involve key team members. I recommend getting your team involved — teaching them about behavioral interviewing, letting them select interview questions, and having them prepare the candidate comparison. Of course that all takes time, just like anything worth improving would.

The Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook is 100% guaranteed

When you buy the Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook, you’re covered. If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, you get your money back. Just send an email to and I’ll take care of it.

Are you really going to do this all yourself?

Hiring is the most important thing a manager does. What are you going to do?

You could keep winging it and hope it works out. OR…

You could get the Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook, where the work is done for you and you’re covered by an easy, no-gimmicks guarantee.

It’s your call. I hope it’s an easy one.