AI Accelerator Program

An interactive workshop series for executives and knowledge workers.

Accelerate your team’s AI adoption journey and start reaping the benefits of AI more fully.

My training with Adam was truly eye-opening, and it completely changed my perspective on using AI in my field!

If you’re looking to go beyond the basics and truly transform your use of AI, I can’t recommend this training enough.

Caroline Thomas

Founder, Head & Heart Therapeutic Solutions

Are you on your way to obsolete?

📜 In a world where AI-assisted work is the norm, are you afraid your traditional methods will render you uncompetitive?

🧠 Top performers want to work for companies using cutting-edge technology. Are you worried about brain drain?

🐢 Business is moving faster than ever. Are you concerned that your slower adoption of AI will make you slower to react?

Imagine staying relevant, competitive, and capable

🏎️ Picture your team comfortably ahead of the competition because you chose to lean in to AI-assisted work.

🙏 Imagine recruiting top performers who know you embrace and encourage new tech.

🐈‍⬛ Picture your team responding with agility to the changing demands of the market.

😎 Imagine getting access to an AI early adopter to accelerate your team’s journey.

Welcome to the AI Accelerator Program

Accelerate your team’s AI adoption journey by purchasing this comprehensive package including live workshops, best-in-class resources, custom roadmap, and done-for-you AI assistants.

When you join the AI Accelerator Program, I will become your team’s guide to the new and changing world of AI.

I’ll assess your current capabilities and, one-at-a-time, guide you toward improving them with AI assistance.

In a world of clickbait headlines and FOMO-inducing product launches, I’ll keep you focused on applying AI with timeless principles that are tool-agnostic.

What’s included?

Live Workshop: Introduction to AI + Deep Work

Discover how to blend the power of AI with deep work principles to elevate your productivity.

In this high-energy, interactive workshop, I’ll teach you the keys to becoming symbiotic with AI and producing your best work.

This is a 90-minute live training, including lecture, hot seat, Q&A, and more.

Live Workshop: Build a GPT

Learn best practices for creating GPTs (AI assistants) and come away with your very own custom GPT.

In this interactive, no-code workshop, I’ll teach you step-by-step how to build and deploy your own GPT.

This is a 90-minute live training with hot seat and Q&A.

Private AI Q&A session

Get all your nagging AI questions answered quickly and confidentially.

In this free-flowing, office-hours session, I’ll answer every question you have to the best of my knowledge. This can include evaluating AI products, live GPT development, or anything else on your mind.

This is a (up to) 90-minute meeting where the agenda is dictated by your team.

Your AI Assistance Roadmap

Your custom 90-day plan to go from ‘AI-curious’ to ‘AI-assisted’.

Together, we’ll identify the people, processes, and priorities that can benefit the most from AI assistance. I’ll prioritize the list and make detailed recommendations about how to proceed with each item.

This is a detailed report you can share with anyone in your organization. I will interivew you and a few key employees to collect the data. We will review the findings together when the report is completed.

3x Individual Coaching Sessions

Advance toward your unique AI goals or solve your job-specific problems.

In this series of three 1-1 coaching sessions, I’ll watch over your shoulder and make suggestions for how you can get the most value from your AI tools. Most commonly, these sessions are for executives, but senior individual contributors can also benefit.

This is three 60-minute meetings where you dictate the agenda.

Done-for-you GPT or AI assistant

Get an AI assistant programmed specifically to solve a problem for you or your team.

You’ll share a problem or opportunity you believe an AI assistant can address. I’ll develop and refine your AI assistant until it works beautifully. We’ll deploy the assistant on your ChatGPT account (or the platform of your choice). You’ll own the IP.

This is a done-for-you service typically delivered within 2 weeks, but (depending on complexity) may take several iterations to get right.

Access to AI + Deep Work Library

Get all my favorite articles, prompts, and GPTs in one easy-to-use place.

I’ll share the Adam Lorton AI + Deep Work Library. You’ll get lifetime access to this resource. All prompts and GPTs are open source, meaning you may repurpose, customize, and remix to your heart’s content.

This is a public-facing Notion document. You’ll receive the link as soon as you purchase.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so sure you’ll get positive ROI from this program that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If, after our first live workshop, you decide the AI Accelerator Program is not right for you and your team, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full.

Options for any budget

⚠️ Be advised: To make sure my clients get maximum value (and to keep myself sane),
I accept a maximum of 4 concurrent AI Accelerator engagements.

🚦 If I have immediate openings, the buttons below will say ‘Book now‘. Otherwise, you will see ‘Join wait list‘.

How it works

💳 You pay, and are immediately redirected to a booking page where you select the date/time of your first training session

📝 You fill out an intake survey, which helps me tailor the training to your team

🪅 You attend your ‘Introduction to AI & Deep Work’, which turns out to be the highlight of your work week

🗓️ You race to book your follow-up sessions, which continue to amaze and delight you

🤖 Your team starts incorporating AI into their workflows better and faster than ever

🚀 Your business explodes and you tell everyone that the AI Accelerator Program was the inflection point

    How to book

    💪 Ready to go? Choose an option above and your first session will be on my calendar in 3 minutes.

    🤔 Still considering? Send me an email or book a (no charge) 25 minute call to discuss your needs.

    * If you live outside of the 30 wealthiest countries in the world, you are eligible for a 40% discount.

      Who am I?

        I’m Adam Lorton and, since ChatGPT came out, I’ve been obsessed with using it to make executives and knowledge workers (especially myself) more effective.

        I’m the author of the Adam Lorton AI + Deep Work Library, where you’ll find the 25 most important prompts and GPTs for AI-assisted executives.

        If you think AI can help you improve your business, you’re right. I can show you how.

        And if I can’t, I’ll refund your money.

        What past students have to say

          Adam’s training did not disappoint.

          We had a basic understanding of ChatGPT going into it and had even done some small projects with the tool. One of his comments really resonated with me. “The longer you stay in the ring with ChatGPT and provide it information and ask questions, the better the output will be”. He stressed that “deep work” and focus with the tool will only enhance / improve results. If anyone out there is either curious about AI and how it can improve their work output, or has a basic knowledge of AI but wants to learn from someone who has gone “deep” with ChatGPT, check out Adam’s courses.

          Dave Colliver

          Founder, Colliver Technology Group, CTG Insights

          Adam made a complex topic understandable and engaging.

          Our training session was remarkably accessible, thanks to his use of clear, non-technical language. We especially appreciated how Adam’s encouragement of participation fostered a dynamic learning environment.

          One highlight was seeing ChatGPT compare a candidate’s CV to a job specification and immediately highlight areas of possible mismatch that could be explored in an interview. This was a highly-relatable example that showcased the power of AI in a context we were all-too-familiar with.

          Douglas Board

          Founder, Maslow's Attic

          A really useful session!

          Adam got into the details and taught us how to phrase our prompts to get the best from ChatGPT.

          I was a novice to using AI tools and this helped me get off on the right foot.

          Kirsten Brooks

          Head of Operations, Saxton Bampfylde

          As a healthcare executive in value-based care, I appreciated the focus on how AI can help improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. I also found the discussion of operational examples, such as email thread management, to be particularly helpful.

          Overall, I highly recommend this training to anyone who is interested in learning more about how AI can be applied in healthcare.

          Beth Oberhaus

          Director of Population Health, Northern Michigan Care Partners

          The training provided me with a whole new perspective on how to leverage chatbot capabilities to enhance my workflow.

          I went into the session thinking it would be mostly technical tips and minor tweaks to improve chatbot outputs, to improve the “first drafts” that they are commonly used for. However, what I encountered was a paradigm shift in how to most effectively utilize a chatbot as a thought-partner and a productivity booster. It was refreshing to see deeper uses for AI.

          I highly recommend this training.


          Public Health Researcher, [Company Name Withheld]